About Us

Port Logistics is a Freight Management business located in Winona, Minnesota.  We are a division of Supply Chain Solutions, Inc, of La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Supply Chain Solutions was founded in 1999 by Kevin J. O’Reilly and Lee M. Stoltman.  We focus on increasing efficiency and diminishing costs in the management of the supply chain, and act as an off-site traffic management department for local and regional companies, in both domestic and international traffic. Port Logistics is the management arm of the Winona container port in partnership with Seven Rivers Intermodal Terminals LLC.

Our mission is to provide efficient and innovative cost savings options for the management of freight, domestically and internationally; and to build strong, loyal relationships with our employees, customers, and vendor-partners. We believe in strengthening and growing our region’s economic possibilities, and in the growth of our local economy.